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Three Stooges Comic Book Series 5 / Cover 1: Merry Stoogemas

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Three Stooges Comic Books Series 5 / Cover 1: Merry Stoogemas! - 

Cover: Greg LaRocque

Writers: Mark Arnold, S.A. Check
Art: Brendon & Brian Fraim, Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser

The Boys are back and this year even Santa isn’t safe from their
antics! Larry, Curly, and Moe take on the holidays as only they
can with brand new stories and classic chuckles for all. Add a
little merriment to your yuletide and give the gift of Stooges
with a comic book that’s perfect for stuffing a stocking.
Available with a Painted Cover by Mark Wheatey, Holiday Illustrated
Cover by Greg LaRocque, a Color Photo Cover,and the very rare
B&W Retailer Photo Incentive Cover.