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DC Batman and Superman in World's Finest: The Silver Age Vol 2 Paperback


Dc Batman And Superman In World's Finest: The Silver Age Vol 2 Paperback 

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Written By Edmond Hamilton And Others; Illustrated By Dick Sprang

304 Pages; Soft Cover; Full Color

The Adventures Of The World'S Finest Heroes Continue In This New Collection Of Tales From The 1950S As Superman And Batman Encounter Alien Gamblers, Battle A Space Explorer Turned Villain, Foils Lex Luthor's Attempt To Conquer The Bottle City Of Kandor And Visit An Exhibit Of Futuristic Crime-Fighting Inventions In Gotham City. Plus: Bat-Mite And Mr. Mxyzptlk Trade Foes And Engage In A Battle Of Magic! Collecting Stories From World'S Finest Comics #95-116.