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DC Batman: Arkham: Man-Bat

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Dc Star Trek / Green Lantern Volume 2: Stranger Worlds

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Terror In The Sky!

Dr. Kirk Langstrom Was A Respected Biologist With A Specialty In The Family Chiroptera, A.K.A Bats. In An Attempt To Cure His Deafness, Langstrom Devised A Serum To Duplicate Bats’ System Of Echolocation In Humans. He Tested It On Himself, And While His Deafness Was Cured, The Serum Also Transformed His Body Into A Monstrous Human/Bat Hybrid.

Each Time Batman Faces The Man-Bat He Doesn’t Know If He Is Battling A Crazed Flying Monster Or A Man Stuck In An Eternal Nightmare.  What Makes Matters Even Worse Is That Francine Langstrom, Kirk’S Wife, Has Also Been Transformed Into A Human/Bat Hybrid And Now The Question Remains Have Langstrom’s Passed Their Curse On To Their Children?

Batman Arkham: Man-Bat Collects Some Of The Villain'S Greatest Stories By Some Of The Industry'S Greatest Creators, Including Neal Adams (Green Lantern/Green Arrow), Steve Ditko (Spider-Man), J. G. Jones (Wonder Woman), Gerry Conway (Justice League Of America), Chuck Dixon (Nightwing), Flint Henry (Detective Comics) And Many More!