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DC Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye


Dc Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye

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Written By Jonathan Rivera; Illustrated By Michael Avon Oeming

For Mature Readers

176 Pages; Soft Cover; Full Color

After A Year Of Multiverse-Hopping And Fighting In The Milk Wars, Returning To A Normal Life Of Digging And Cave-Diving Just Isn't The Same For Explorer Cave Carson. Sure, He's Got His Podcast, Family And That Cybernetic Eye, But Reminiscing About Times Gone By Isn't The Same As Living. Luckily For Cave Carson And His Daughter Chloe, They're About To Embark On An All-New Adventure When They Go Spelunking In A Black Hole! But What's Caused This Black Hole To Appear, And What's Its Connection To The Intergalactic Music Sensation Star Adam? Collects Issues #1-6.