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The Three Stooges Trading Cards: Series 2 - Box Set

Original price $150.00
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Three Stooges Trading Cards: Series 2 - Set

The Chronicles Of The Three Stooges ~~ Series Two Retail Box

36 Packs - 10 Cards Per Pack

One Retail Box Is Guaranteed To Contain At Least One Full Complete Master Set Of The Series.

The Largest Three Stooges Trading Card Series Of All Time!

Series Two Retail Box Includes:

A Guaranteed Three Complete Base Sets Of Cards #51-100

Three Complete 15-Card Subsets 'Stooge Gals' Subsets,

Three Complete Claudiu Macarie Classic Art Card Portrait 9-Card Subsets

At Least One Complete Chase Set Of Each 'Pain O Rama Pan O Rama' 3-Card Chase Set

Stoinich Full Color Caricature 6-Card Chase Set

8 Different Christmas Stooge Foil Full Color Chase Cards, And More.

Box Also Includes Box Topper Posters, Exclusive Three Stooges Full Color Foil Card, Promos.

And The Gem Of Series Two: The 40 Card Official Continuation Of The 1959 First Three Stooges Card Series. Not A Reprint Of That Series But A Continuation With Cards #97-136 (With The Next 40 Continuation Set Available In Series Three -- Now On Sale).

Each Pack Contains A Different 1950S Styled 'Retro' Card Plus 4 Card Box Toppers For A Full Set Of #97-136 In Each Box.

Box Contains 36 10-Card Packs (As Opposed To The Industry Standard Of Only 6 Cards Per Pack). 

The Retail Box Itself Has A Bonus Complete Set Of 38 Mini Clip-Out Cards In Heavy Gauge 24Pt Glossy Double Sided Format.