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ShopKnuckleheads: On This Day in History

ShopKnuckleheads: On This Day in History

News today from ShopKnuckleheads- On This Day in History in 1938...
The episode 'Violent is the Word for Curly' aired July 2!
In this episode the destruction left behind each event is in true Stooge fashion. Everything is luck and chance. Making intellectuals look like Stooges, and Stooges look like intellectuals.
The title is a parody on 'Valiant is the word for Carrie' an RKO melodrama from 1936. What is so interesting about this episode is that the title has very little to do with the content of the episode, the first of its kind in the Stooge Universe!
Violent Is the Word for Curly (Short 1938) - IMDb
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