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ShopKnuckleheads: On This Day in History

ShopKnuckleheads: On This Day in History

News today from ShopKnuckleheads- Many cinematic strides were taken when 'Idle Roomers'- July 16th, 1944 aired!
An elevator is the center of all the insanity during this episode. The Boys flip for who gets to escort a lady into the elevator, but Larry smashes Moe's nose in the doors as they close causing Moe to climb 8 flights of stairs bangs Larry's head into the elevator doors.
When they are not in the elevator they deal with a large Wolf Man who is a big silly beast who scares the Stooges and makes them act excessively like themselves. Wolf Man resembles an animalistic Curly.
Wolf Man starts controlling the elevators with the outside dial, and in effect sends the elevator to the sky, combining zoological and locomotive elements in this scare episode!
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