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ShopKnuckleheads: Punchy Cowpunchers- 1950

ShopKnuckleheads: Punchy Cowpunchers- 1950

News today from ShopKnuckleheads- This decade kickoff of an episode is fast paced and exceptionally hectic!
The scene is set in the Wild West where the Stooges are going back and forth between the military base, saloon, and trail that connects them.
As for our comrades, we have a lot this episode. These include a barmaid, the Arizona Kid, three cavalry officers, and a gang of five outlaws!
Side note: This film was shot and released in from Hollywood shortly after Cecil B. DeMilles 'Samson and Delilah', showcasing The Three Stooges on the cutting edge yet again with a significantly smaller budget. The magic that The Stooges could create regardless of the budget is why they are still proudly loved and adored today!
In this film, the chaotic scenes of simultaneous action contributed to the fast pace of the storyline! The Stooges' crate and barrel chase downstairs, Nell's slugging gang members in the jaw upstairs, and the Kid's riding to and from Fort Scott with the screen titles "HE FELL OFF AGAIN"!
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