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ShopKnuckleheads: Soup to Nuts- 1930

ShopKnuckleheads: Soup to Nuts- 1930

News today from ShopKnuckleheads- Let's take a look waaay back in the day at the first feature for Fox!
This pre-Three Stooges era film was not primarily about the trio, but it was the first 30 minute screen time appearance that caught Fox's attention. Back in the day Moe, Larry and Shemp were working for Ted Healy as his "Racketeers" or "Southern Gentlemen" and not yet The Three Stooges.
Did you know the story of this feature film was meant to show that happiness in the home can be found in the range between the irritating slurping of soup to the painful step onto a nut shell left on the floor? And the chaos in between is where the Stooges thrived and began their comical careers!
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-ShopKnuckleheads Team

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