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ShopKnuckleheads: A Gem of a Jam- 1943

ShopKnuckleheads: A Gem of a Jam- 1943

News today from ShopKnuckleheads- This episode is the last release in 1943, and the first of three films written and directed by Del Lord!
The ingenuity in this final episode is a new flavor for the Stoogeverse, while using familiar and homey ingredients of original Stooge comedy.
The Boys start out as janitors in a doctors office, giving them some new tools to utilize and get creative with! They are forced to operate on a crooks accomplice, believed to be doctors, and we can all imagine how well that goes. This inevitably sends them into a 6 minute chase scene, which brings forth scare comedy of the likes that haven't been seen since 'Spook Louder'. There are even MORE comedic tools and props, as the doctors office has a basement filled with department store storage!
Curly is used inside and out, where it is discovered that his anatomy is even more bizarre than previously believed. We all know his head is hollow via 'From Nurse to Worse', but in this film Curly is shown with a fish swimming in his belly! He is back on an operating table and definitely operated on. After that he is covered in mannequin wax and for the rest of the episode walks around not able to be his usual eccentric self, and his shoes are filled by Dudley Dickerson (do we remember him as the cook in 'A Plumbing We Will Go'?).
Finally, this is the 10th Stooge film released in 1943, more than any other year!
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